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Sridix Technologies is committed to the best online advertisement service provider and Pay Per Click PPC management service provider in Surat, India. This company is offering a PPC service at an affordable rate. We understand the value of online advertisement in today’s time and we have helped many clients to achieve their goals.

Our PPC management is beneficial for requiring high traffic or company branding as well. We know well what runs a successful advertising campaign.

What makes Sridix technology prefer for the PPC management system?Digital Marketing

Pre-analysis of the project: The team makes a deep analysis of every project. This is the most important step in the PPC advertisement.

Target audience on social media: The team is highly expert. They know well how to target the audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Experienced team: The team of this company is highly experienced, innovative and dedicated. This brings a great result.

Monitor weekly/monthly report: The team monitors and generates an analysis report on a weekly and monthly basis. This is the utmost important criteria for keeping an eye on regular progress and status.

24×7 supports: The team is committed to offering the 24 hours support. They are dedicated to resolving the issue of their client.

Increase CTR: With the PPC management service of this company, the click-through rate gets hiked.

Good ROI: A client can get a good Return on Investment. One will never regret spending on the advertisement.

What is PPC cum online advertisement?

It is a type of model. At this, each time an advertiser is paid some amount when an ad is clicked. These ads are promoted on search engines like Google with the help of the Adword tool.

This type of operation is used in all types of campaign goals like sale increment, lead generation and promotion of brand awareness.

Here advertisers should have the ability to show targeted ads at the exact moment. Users always search for specific services and information so it is written to say that PPC is all about relevancy.

For instance, if the user is searching for “red shoes”, then the advertiser must show an ad relevant to “red shoes”. This is how relevant is important.

Role of keyword research for Pay Per Click Marketing:

Keyword Research is an essential process in PPC marketing. This is a kind of backbone for your campaign. The popular platform for keyword research is Google AdWords advertiser which updates the PPC keyword list.

How does PPC advertising work?

The working of PPC advertising is based on the keywords. The advertiser has to bid on the keywords they want to display in their ads.

When the user clicks on the ads, the business running ads are charged. This is the reason its name is “Pay Per Click”.

In PPC, ads are referring to as Ad Auction which is an automatic process on the search engine. The Ad Auction is a bidding system. The advertiser bids on the keyword.

For the PPC you have to make an account at AdWord. After that, you have to make a group. Keywords must be chosen once the group is created and finally ads can be written. Keywords must have targeted keyword themes, call to action and value advertisement service provider

The limit of characters and Google Ads text ad structure:

  • First Headline: 30 characters including spaces
  • Second Headline: 30 characters including spaces
  • Description: 80 characters including spaces
  • Path 1: Up to 15 characters
  • Path 2: Up to 15 characters

In PPC there are mainly two types of the campaign in the settings:

Search network: The most common type of targeting option is a search network which consists of Google’s Search Partner such as It is keyword-based advertising.

Display network: In this there are millions of sites which are agreed to show video ads, Google text and image. There is no use of traditional keyword-based targeting. The main targeting is based on the demographics and audience.

Search Network with display Opt-in: It is a combination of both networks. The search network is replaced with display select in the Google ads experience.

Shopping: On Microsoft and Google, PLAs are shown. The shopping campaigns can be created in Google Ads when the product feed is submitted to Google Merchant Center.

What are the main platforms of the PPC campaign?

There are mainly two platforms for PPC campaign which are as follow

Google ads

The largest pay per click platform is the Google ads platform which was launched in October 2000. Over the last 17 years, it has gone through many iterations. From the small scale to the large scale companies it has gained a good spectrum.

Microsoft Advertising:

This is another Pay Per Click platform that shows ads on the Yahoo and Microsoft network. It is primarily keyword-based advertising. On the Bing network, Microsoft advertising has a unique desktop search of about 137 million.

Splitting of Ad groups:

Dividing the advertisement groups into small ones can improve your quality score and CTR. So always try to split your advertisement groups.

Optimize the landing page:

Modifying the content of your landing page can boost conversion rates. You must optimize the call of action too. Don’t send all traffic to the same page.

Improve costly PPC keywords:

Underperforming and costly keywords must be reviewed from time to time. This is important for smoothly running the campaign.

Facebook ads v/s Google Adwords Which one is better?

The two platforms are on the same ship of competition. Many companies are using both platforms to achieve great traffic and sales. The main aim of both these platforms is the same i.e. paid advertising. This is the reason people sometimes think both are the same.

But in reality, there is a difference in both platforms.

Google AdWord: 

The other name of Google AdWord is paid search which is the largest and most popular platform of PPC advertisement. It focuses on targeting keywords and there is a text-based advertisement. It uses Adword big on keywords.

Facebook Ads: 

On the other hand, Facebook ads are termed as Paid Social. It is a practice of advertising on social networks. It is highly competitive and an important element of many digital advertising agencies. As compared to paid search here users are finding business on the topics in which they are interested.

The other basic difference is about finding. With Facebook, new customers find you but AdWords help you in finding new customers.

Google Adword is old while Facebook Ads is a newcomer but it has improved its services and solutions from past years.

Choosing the right platform:

As far as choosing between two platforms, both platforms are good in their way. It is important to understand how you can maximize your ROI using each platform. Well, it’s all depending on your business goals, budget and other factors. Whatever you choose you must be done with the right decision.


PPC is a great strategy to make brand awareness. In this process, you need to keep making changes as per the need. Keep testing new features and other strategies for the account. There is always a testing concept in the PPC world. No doubt the basic strategy is working, but testing is quite important.

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