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Sridix is a full service applications & web development company, headquartered in India. Founded in 2015, the company provides custom Enterprise, Web, Mobile, Cloud & Analytics development services. The team of Sridx is headed by technology professionals from Top B-schools, having 3+ years of experience in the technology arena. The company has full time employees in Enterprise, Web, Mobile, Cloud, Analytics, Design, Testing & SEO disciplines.

Empowering providers with innovative Web solutions. Sridix, a leading software solutions company that has been continuously changing the landscape of Technology delivery through forward thinking, innovative collaborations, exceptional service, and best in class technology. Our mission, it’s simple – to create the most advanced, intuitive technology solutions that enable Service providers to focus on more important things: their practice and their patients.

We are unyielding in our effort to develop superior products that remain relevant and diversify the way service is delivered beyond the office. At Sridix, we strive to maximize productivity, and aim to remain a leader in web service delivery solutions where technology fuels higher-quality of care for public, and we fuel the technology.

  • Web Development

    At Sridix we provide different IT services and Software solutions covering major industries in our industry experience.

    The main motto of the company is to offer cost-effective software,web & application solutions to all the industry verticals; be it Finance, Marketing, Entertainment, Telecommunication, Education, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Government & large Corporate, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, or anything else.

  • Desktop Application Development

    We also provide product development services for your outsourcing requirement. In this case starting from competitors products analysis, scope definition, competitor’s products analysis, Installer creation etc. is also governed by us.

  • Application Development

    As a mature iPhone/Android Application Development Company, we come second to none. Our experienced team of business analysts will interact with you to ensure that your iOS/Android App development on the iOS 11/Oreo platform is based exactly in tune with your business requirements and sports a UI that beats your nearest rivals. We are also geared up to meet your requirements using the iOS 11/Oreo platform as soon as it is launched this fall. iOS 11/Oreo is being flaunted by Apple/Google as the biggest iOS/Android release that will happen ever. iOS 11/Oreo adds up to a better experience with each function being more considered and each next step being more efficient. Overall, iOS 11/Oreo will add up to a better experience for developers as well as users.

  • Digital Marketing

    The increased importance of Internet has made Internet marketing and web promotion activities the most imperative marketing practice for any type of organization. It has become important for all size of companies belonging to any industry. The use of Internet has reached at the highest level and if you also want to harness its effectiveness, then you should surely go for effective SEO practices.

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Good Work. They support me a lot to Grow my business.


Really Awesome Work and Good for USA as well. All The Best.

United Elegances
United ElegancesCEOMedia Wiki

I Really Satisfied with them work. Nice for local level.

Yara Di Haveli
Yara Di HaveliCEOMax Mobilcom

Awesome Software Development. Good Customize Software Design and Development as per my requirement.

Mahavir Teders
Mahavir TedersCEO - SatishBhai ShahDoom Inc