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Home automation service at Sridix technology:

At Sridix Technology you can avail the best home automation service provider in Surat. We are fully dedicated to making your home smart and fully enriched with technology. We follow the latest technology that could give out the best result at an affordable rate.

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Follow the latest technology: Home automation is incomplete without a technology that is always dynamic. At Sridix technology we always follow the latest technology for the installation. This gives out the quality output and consumers never face the problem.

Experienced team: The team of Sridix technology is highly experienced and talented. They know well what exactly suits the consumer as per his or her need.

Include security: We understand the value of security and this is the reason we always add security in this service. In-home automation, we add security to provide you with the best outcome. This adds high-quality components and devices to have a great outcome.

Affordable rate: Our services are always into the budget. The home automation service is also at an affordable rate.

Home automation Service Provider

What is a Home automation system?

With the help of mobile devices, you can now control the devices in your home. Thanks to the automation. It includes everything from electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems hooked up to a remotely controllable network.

Additionally, it also includes a home security system such as an alarm system, locks, CCTV cameras or smoke detector. Any other sensors which are linked to this system are also a part of home automation.

In simple terms, home automation is defined as the electronic control of household appliances and activity. This is done with the help of a remote scenario. The main aim of this process is to make life convenient, cost-effective and safe.

What are the common options of home automation?

Smart TV: Whether you have a cable or not you can watch anything at any time on a smart TV. You can stream Hulu, Amazon and Netflix. Smart TV is a part of millions of Americans today.

Smart Speakers: Many Americans have smart speakers in their home. One can get more than music through them.

Smart Plugs: The smart plugs can convert an object into a smarter version. For this, a user has to plug them into the normal outlets.

Video doorbells: One could check out the video footage when someone is at the door. Additionally, you can talk to the visitor with the help of intercom technology. You can see it from your smart devices.

Robot Vacuum: This can be controlled with the help of smart devices including smart speakers. It makes accessibility to the robot easy.

Working for home automation?

The working of home automation is done via the internet. It is based on the integrated network of communication, hardware, and electronic interfaces. The managing is done through a smartphone because every device is having dedicated sensors. The operation of this network can be done regardless of your location. Whether you are at home or away from home, you can manage it easily.

The three main elements of a home automation system are as follows:

Sensor: It can monitor changes in the daylight or the temperature. The settings could be adjusted to the preference.

Controller: Tablets, personal computers and smartphones are the controllers. The messages about the status of automated features can be sent or received.

Actuators:  They could be light switches or motorized. With the help of remote commands from a controller, they are programmed to be activated.

Features available through home automation:

  • Control of appliance

  • Alarm system

  • Remote lighting control

  • Carbon monoxide monitoring

  • Fire system

  • Keyless entry

  • Voice-activated control

Iot Service Provider

IoT based home automation:

As compared to the wired system, an IoT based home automation system gives out an IoT of flexibility. There are many advantages of this type of system that includes ease of installation, ease of use, easy detection of a fault, etc.

This system consists of sensors and servers. There is no need for a personalized computer because these servers can easily manage and process the data.

Benefits of home automation:

There are ample numbers of merits including home automation. These are as follows.

Convenience: Home automation is convenient to use. With the help of this system, you can easily adjust the light based on the requirement. Also, you can easily control the smart speaker for the music. Home automation is convenient to use.

Safe: The carbon monoxide monitors and smart fire detectors are some of the points through which you can protect your home. For the safety of the home, this system could be followed.

Energy-saving: You can easily cut down your electricity bill. You can remotely control the switching when the fan or light is not used. That simply means you can automatically turn off the electronic devices. Without leaving your seat you can switch on or off the desired light or the fan.

Access remotely: With the help of a tablet, laptop or smartphone you can easily control your home. This is the biggest contribution of home automation in today’s time.

Peace of mind: Some people like to invest in home automation for achieving peace of mind. The best example of this scenario is mom and dad checking their baby with the help of technology. So this can make your peace of mind. And you can focus on the work along with monitoring other things within the house.

Comfort: With the help of home automation you can create a comfortable atmosphere. There could be adaptive lighting, temperature and sound which can create an inviting environment. It is like a boon for those people who use technology to play music throughout the home.

Cons of home automation:

No doubt home automation has given many beneficial things but still, it has many things which are a part of shortcomings.

One of the major demerits of using home automation is its cost. It could be quite an expensive one because the process is based on technology. The app-based automation is paired with Smart Hubs. It requires a professional to install and deal with it.

The other shortcoming of this system is its inclusion which means you are limited to the device which could be paired with the system. For instance, if you are going to buy a new water heater then you must be sure that it must be compatible with the home automation.

Components of home automation:

The major components of home automation are as follow:

  • IoT Gateways

  • IoT sensors

  • IoT Protocols

  • IoT firmware

  • IoT Middleware

  • IoT database and cloud

There are thousands of IoT sensors in home automation. The firmware is written in Node JS, Python and C.

Some of the best home automation projects are as follows:

Android application based remote control:

This project is based on the android application concept which can be controlled remotely. There is the use of Android OS-based tablet or smartphone over the GUI based touchscreen operation. The Android application will act as a sender and the receiver will get ON/OFF command through it.

The loads can be turned to ON or OFF with the help of a wireless remote.

Touch screen based home automation system

In this project, there is a touch screen concept in the home automation system. A touch panel is interfaced with the microcontroller on the sender side. When the ON/OFF command is sent to the receiver side, the touch screen panel is used to turn ON/OFF remotely. There can be the use of GSM modern interfaced with the control unit to develop this project.

Is home automation safe?

Home automation is safe to a limit. As it is based on technology, you must take all the consideration of the security. Also, you must follow all the safety measures which are important for your data.

While investing in home automation you must keep mind following things in mind

Cybersecurity: Many people don’t take cybersecurity as a serious thing. As you know that home automation is fully technology-based. There is a great contribution of IoT in this system. So you must protect your system.

To prevent it from getting misused you must follow a strong password. Additionally, you could have some other extra protection for your system which is available.

Privacy: This is the major concern when it comes to home automation. You must be aware of this and keep in mind that companies could easily collect data about you. This scenario has especially happened in a smart speaker.


Home automation could be a part of your modern house. It could be convenient and makes things done to be simple. It will definitely bring out a positive impact on your lifestyle. The only thing is you must use it in the right way with all security.

Almost every developed country has followed this scenario. In the coming time, home automation could be a part of every house. Last but not least follow the home automation with full control and good learning to handle it.

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