How 4ps of Digital Marketing Transform Your Marketing Strategy

First, let’s understand the 4ps of digital marketing concepts, and the 4pā€™s are process, people, platform, and performance. 

Since the beginning of modern marketing over 50 years ago, the “4 Ps” ā€” price, product, Promotion, and place ā€” have been the foundation of a fruitful marketing plan. And there’s a good explanation for that.

Even while the actions that customers take online are changing how we distribute our messages and engage with our audience, it is still a sound strategy to concentrate on factors such as pricing, product, promotion, and location.

Definition of 4ps of Digital Marketing:

The 4 P’s of Digital Marketing are each company’s activities or tactics to promote its brand or product in the market, and they define those activities and strategies. Price, product, Promotion, and place comprises are known as the 4 P’s in the marketing mix (wait, this is not one of those jargon-filled pieces meant to bore you with “marketing talks”).

We will only go over the fundamentals to make the mapping to the 4p’s of digital marketing less complicated for you.

Now, the 4Ps of Marketing has been around for what seems like an eternity.

The 4 P’s of marketing are “manufacturing the product according to the requirement of the users or people, which fulfills customer’s demand as placing it rightly (means readily available or visible to customer), at the right price (cost of the product should justify), and doing some promotion,” which is a translation of the original Japanese phrase “manufacturing the product according to the requirement of the users or people” (promotional activities which are to be done by manufacturers to motivate buyers to buy the same).

How 4ps of Digital Marketing Work:

Product: Product is a generic term that can refer to a service or an item offered for sale by vendors to purchasers. Anything, whether services or tangible goods, can be considered a product.

Price: A product’s price determines its value, and it is what consumers pay to sellers in exchange for the product and the seller’s services. In most cases, the price corresponds directly to the product’s value as outlined in the development and service description. Several internal and external elements are considered while determining the cost of the product.

Place: The term “Place” refers to a specific distribution route for the product’s sales. To position a product means putting it in a situation where it may be easily purchased by people interested in buying it. The appropriate positioning of a product is critically important to ensuring its commercial success.

Promotion: In general parlance, Promotion refers to any activity or action conducted to sell or promote the product. Promotion can refer to various activities, including advertising, events, customer reward systems, and marketing efforts. These activities are all part of what we do to better the product.

The “4 P’s of Digital Marketing Concepts” have been updated as follows.

Every marketer has relied on the “4 Ps of Marketing” for years to improve the efficacy of their marketing plan. These “Ps” are product, price, place, and Promotion.

Applying what you’ve learned about traditional marketing to digital marketing strategy is the key to achieving the same success as other marketing experts interested in learning digital marketing.

Location or Point of Entry:

In the realm of digital technology, the product is instantly and widely available or accessible, and all of the relevant information can be found on the internet. If you want to find out how much something costs, you don’t have to go to the store and look at it in person. You can obtain complete information simply by clicking on your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

The product information is set up in the same way as traditional marketing techniques; the only difference is in the platform used for advertising the product.

The only significant difference between the modern and classic marketing ages is the platform used to educate clients about the product. The internet now has every resource imaginable readily available.

People would do product research and transactions digitally instead of making traditional in-store purchases. Using 4ps of digital marketing concepts, you can promote your product on the internet in a way that is simple to comprehend by developing material that can be interacted with and has the potential to reach a larger audience.

Product or Service or Solution:ā€‹

The most critical component of the four P’s is the product.

The product’s characteristics remain the same, regardless of whether it is marketed in the traditional or digital realms.

How a product is shown has evolved to accommodate the digital age. Businesses are becoming more eloquent in their product descriptions due to the sophistication of their customers’ awareness of the criteria they have. They hold the authority to define the product in the form of a little video or blog post on their website. They think that customers should have a more substantial influence and that firms should have more power.

What It Price/What It's Worth?

From the beginning, the price has been one of the most critical factors for every consumer while buying. People tend to look at the various characteristics of a product before making a purchase, and pricing is typically the last thing they consider; nonetheless, the price can affect customer behavior in milliseconds.

The modern consumer can go to five stores to find a better offer. On the internet, one can find anything. And the entirety of it is adaptable. Companies can make instantaneous price adjustments in response to the competition and real-time feedback on the product’s sales, offers, or other promotional activities. They can make adjustments on the go, thanks to digital marketing.

Please consider that you know the client has previously purchased products relevant to their health. This indicates a greater probability of selling the client health-related products by viewing their past.

In addition, you have access to real-time data regarding the up-selling, cross-selling, discount range, type of items, and other aspects of previous transactions. It allows you to create a complementary price matrix to your digital marketing strategy.


Since B.C. signified the early eras, Promotion has been marketers’ most significant source of stress. Due to financial constraints and expected results, marketers can be observed competing over funding for promotional activities. However, businesses have begun teaching or informing individuals in the digital era by offering promotional content, blogs, and articles. The situation has drastically changed. Digital marketing has provided a platform in which the exchange of information leads to sales.

The more accurate the information, the more knowledgeable the customer is, and the greater the likelihood of closing a deal with that consumer. Similarly, digital marketing campaigns allow you to set up campaigns depending on various characteristics, including age, gender, interest, and region. You may choose the appropriate platform based on the number of clients on the forum.


In this blog post, we discussed the 4 Ps of digital marketing which are followed by any digital marketing company and how you can implement them into your kind of business. Their many components of what is known as the “marketing mix” are connected in various ways. A strategy and set of plans are typically formed to achieve success in business based on these components.

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