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Sridix Technology is well known for IT Company in Surat. We are the leading agency providing various advertising, marketing, and promotion services. We are the Best Google Advertising Agency in Surat. Our Digital Marketing Agency is highly qualified and experienced enough to provide excellent results within a short period.

Over the last few years, we have worked with many national or international clients. As we are running our client’s successful advertising campaigns, our clients are still connected with us. We have created a strong reputation among our clients by providing them quality services at reasonable rates every time. They approach us for assistance when they get stuck in their online business problems.

Find the Best Google Ads Services Agency in Surat:

We provide different types of PPC Marketing Services in google advertising.


At first, the customer is most likely unaware of the product they are looking for. They might be interested in a new bike, but not sure what kind. In case search ads campaigns come into the picture. These campaigns are made up of keyword searches and phrases targeting the customer looking for a product. When a customer types in the keyword or phrase, the search engine will return ads related to the search. These ads are called search ads. A search ad campaign is a specific type of advertising on the internet that uses keywords and phrases to target potential customers. These campaigns are made up of keyword searches and words that target the customer as they are looking for a product. When a customer types in the keyword or phrase, the search engine will return ads related to the search. These ads are called search ads.

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Many advertisers use Google Display Ads to advertise their products. Its are a great way to reach a large audience, as one on Google’s network can see an ad. Google Display Ads are also affordable, as they can be created at a low cost and the cost per click is much lower than other forms of advertising.


We offer Google Shopping Ads Campaigns to get your product in front of your target market. This service is excellent for companies that want to drive more traffic to their product page, generate more revenue, and establish themselves as a leading company in their industry. Google Shopping Ads Campaigns are an affordable way to get your product in front of millions of people actively searching for products. This service can target customers by location, gender, age, and more. Google Shopping Ads Campaigns are the perfect way to increase your online sales.


Video ads Campaigns to maximize your online advertising efforts, you need to understand what makes ads different from others. YouTube ads are built on an auction-based system; YouTube ads are also targeted to your demographic, which means that the content in your video can be relevant to your audience. Google video ads campaigns offer an innovative way to advertise on Google. They are targeted at video users, and with Google’s AI-driven ad placement, they can help you reach the right audience. You can select the videos you want to advertise on or let Google choose the best videos for your product. You can customize your ads to fit your brand, upload your video content, and use your ad budget more efficiently. Google video ads campaigns offer a flexible way to advertise on Google.


For a small business, it can be challenging to know where to start when advertising on Google. Google offers various advertising options, and deciding which ones to use can be overwhelming. A Google Smart Ads Campaign is a customizable campaign that helps you find the best balance between relevance and cost. You don’t have to decide which is more important, as Google does it for you. Google Smart Ads campaigns automatically adjust your bids and budget to optimize your performance and ensure you get the best results possible. Google Smart Ads campaigns help you find the best possible results while decreasing costs. Optimizing bids and budgets allow you to find the perfect balance between relevance and cost.

How Google Ads Management Company Sets Ads for Any Business:

  • Our team starts with the research & analysis of business categories, products & services.
  • We find the relevant competitor of the company, which helps us to get business keywords & ad copies of their PPC advertising.
  • These steps assist us in making better ad copies for our pay-per-click advertising.
  • Then, we set campaign type, location, audience, budget, Keywords & bidding strategy. It is an essential part of campaigns & ad groups for running successful ads.
  • Google ads campaigns get more reach or lead when it is on the top of search results.
  • After running successful ads, we analyze them daily to take action on ad campaigns for better optimization.
  • Analyze daily clicks, impressions & conversions to improve CTR (click-through rate).
  • Possibly that user clicks more on our ads with the improved CTR and gets quality conversions for our business.
  • Our expert team regularly updates & optimizes recommendations & track campaigns for better performance.

Try the Best Pay Per Click Management Company & get engaged with your users and run your business reliably & smooth. This process is challenging yet, but it needs the expertise to do it for any business.

It required deep research & daily analysis; with the proper budget & bidding strategy. It depends on the performance of PPC campaigns.

Why Choose Us for Projects?

We are the Best Google Ads Company in Surat & have been providing our google ads management services to many clients. We have a reputation in the market & helping clients to get new business from their existing customers, bring new customers and increase their sales volume is our expertise. Using online advertising techniques, Google AdWords helps them grow their business quickly

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We are a leading Google Advertising Agency in Surat as well as India. We have an experienced team of highly skilled professionals for developing innovative online campaigns that deliver results for our clients. We work with many clients, including small businesses and large enterprises, to achieve the best possible results from their advertising spend.

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