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HRMS introduction:

HRMS stands for the Human Resources Management System. It is a strategic approach to the employment, development and wellbeing of the people working in an organization. It involves all the actions and management decisions that affect the organization and employees relationship.

The main objective of the HRM system is to keep a balance between employees needs and organization profit. It aids the workforce of the organization to contribute effectively and efficiently towards the overall achievement.

The increasing workload compels any company to keep its HR management fast, efficient and reliable. However, this is only possible with great HRMS software development. Fortunately, Sridix Technology is here to assist you.

Sridix Technology is a leading Software development company located in Surat, India. For the past many years, it has been serving clients from around the world. It offers ample services in software development. Our end products are highly close to the industrial-grade to beat the international market.

Sridix offers the best HRMS to all scale industries to make their human resource work easy and fast. Our end product will contribute to the company’s growth. With this HRMS, you can easily integrate the employees and companies working.

What makes Sridix Technologies HRMS differ from others?

Many factors distinguish our Human Resource system from another system.
Cost-effective: Our HRMS is a highly cost-effective one. It provides the service at a low rate. There is no extra penny applicable at our end product.

Highly employee engagement:
Our HRMS product is a high employee engagement one. It can prepare educational programs and set up mentorships as well.
The key features of the Human Resource system are highly beneficial to the employees. It also helps in keeping workers on the target and faithful to the organization as well.

Helpful in recruiting:
Our HRMS is also very useful in recruiting employees in a better way. This system introduces an automation concept that helps in making the process fast and accurate. Due to automation instead of manual work, the chances of errors are very low. This is why recruitment through HRMS is beneficial to the company. It carries the entire advance and modern features that make it highly fit the companies need.

Top features of HRM:


Human resource management is also concerned with employees. It is also concerned with emotional, behaviour and other social aspects. The HRM should be people-oriented that combine organization and employees.


The HRMS system should be capable of calculating salary, overtime, sales commissions, variable bonus payments. Other features like retirement fund contributions or mobile phone reimbursements are also considered.

Integrating mechanism:

The main objective of human resource management is to identify the best way to reach a common goal. It also makes a relation between all level employees.

Universal existence:

Human resource management is applicable in all varieties of organizations. It is the main reason it should be a universal function. The concepts are applied everywhere without considering the nature, size, purpose of the organization.

Comprehensive function:

Human resource management is not an exclusive process because it involves all people at work. There is no individual respective to the salary, destination, working nature which is excluded from the periphery of HRM.

Talent acquisition:

HRMS helps companies to manage their talent hunt to fully fill their employee’s demands. With the incorporation of the HRM system, it is easy to show the vacancy details and grab the right candidate. It is easy to get the right match for the company’s employees needs and companies grow.

Talent Management:

With the help of HRMS, it is easy for HR professionals to manage the performance review, skills test administration and goal management.

Reporting and analytics:

Some of the HR manageable factors are easily manageable with HRMS. It includes key performance indicators (KPIs), complete compliance reporting and running operational reports to track HR information. It also includes the ability to develop ad-hoc reports.

Time and attendance:

HRMS delivers the ability to process time-off requests and also manage time-off balances. Additionally, absence management and employee scheduling are also part of the picture.

User interface:

The HRMS can be opened to the entire workforce and this makes it critical for the user-friendly interface. To keep employees engaged, localization, self-service, mobile apps, and workflow automation are some key features.

Importance of HRMS:

Typical functions of HR

The primary function of any HRMS is to simplify the HR managing work. It also identifies how people are managed within the organisation. Some of the sub-functions of HRMS are as follows.

Manpower planning: The planning in Human Resources focuses on the estimation of resources required to achieve the desired business output. HR plans can be short term or long term.

Recruitment: Hiring the right candidates with the right skills match is a critical task. It also includes filling positions through the internal job posting, promotion and employee referrals.

Onboarding: A candidate who got selected and agreed to join an organisation has to report to work on a particular day. This will be the first day of joining.

Employee information management: This is one of the most crucial activities of HRMS. It includes maintaining all the important detailed information of the employee. Some of them include Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Contact Information, Email id and joining date.

Employment history Information about department, Grade, Reporting manager etc. is also processed in the HRMS. Moreover, it should also manage Payroll information including ESI number, PF number and income tax PAN details.

Leave policy and Transaction management: The other function of the HR department is to manage the organisation’s leave policy. Additionally, tracking and managing leaves of every employee. It is also responsible to maintain all the transactions that happened.

Salary increment: The HR department revises the salary of workers with the managing head. There is a salary revision letter involved in the typical salary revision.

Communication and basic employee services: The HR department is responsible for making a bridge between employees and organisations. They introduce all the leave policies, travel policy and other companies’ rules. The HRMS software automates this process by offering various key features. The company can communicate with employees in the digital mode, making the process fast and efficient.

MIS report: HR needs to submit various reports to the stakeholders. Some of the reports will be in pre-defining mode.

Some of the important components of Successful HRMS:

  • It is good to choose a system that uses machine learning and predictive analytics.
  • Bring your consultant and security team into the selection process early. This factor is very important for the health care and finance industries.
  • Look for open APIs that make integration if you do decide to go the best-of-breed route.
  • Always focus on the candidate management capabilities if you have a lot of turnovers. Also, make sure the system can handle complex payroll scenarios if you got a multi-state or national workforce.

How to choose an HRMS?

There are some factors to consider when choosing an HRMS system which is as follows:

Define the HR software needs: Before finalising the HRMS, you should set the needs that you want in the software. Always choose those tools that accomplish your company’s goal.

Set the budget: It is essential to set the budget line before investing in HRMS. You must be transparent in the amount you are going to expend in the system.

Connect to support team: It is always good to do research about the company policies. Some of the vendors provide updates every quarter. Take a look at the company’s history and determine how many years they are working.

Reconsider the HR strategy: Before buying HR software, it is always better to reconsider your HR strategy. The review of the same will help you in reaching out to the right software. So, always define your HR goals to gain the working structure of an HR department.


Q1. What is HRMS?

Answer: Human Resource Management System is software to carry Human Resource

Q2. What should be the minimum and maximum company size to incorporate HRMS?

Answer: The minimum number of employees should be 50, and the maximum could be 1000+ employees. However, it varies from system to system.

Q3. Is the system scalable?

Answer: HRMS is scalable and can house many terabytes of data. It can take many inputs to process.

Q4. What is the significance of HRMS?

Answer: Human Resource Management System simplifies the HR working.

Q5. Is your HRMS is customized?

Answer: Yes, our HRMS is highly customized and can take a shape of your needs. You can add any feature as per your need.

Q6. How can your HRMS product help my organisation?

Answer: Our Human Resource Management System can accelerate your work. It can automate the human resource working and could make things fast. This will save your time and efforts with an ultimate saving of cost.

Q7. Is your HRMS system secured?

Answer: Yes, HRMS is highly secured. We assure you about no information or data was lost during the operation.

Last word:

HRMS software is the best tool for any company to save time and resources. It is a great way to simplify the human resource process. There are unlimited HRM systems available in the market. However, you must choose the right software development like Sridix Technology. The company is always ready to serve you in a better way. Connect with us now our team of experts delivers the best HRMS development in Surat.

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