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Sridix Technology is one of the leading software development companies in Surat. It has manifold services in technology. The major motto of the firm is to provide a one-stop solution to all industries. The company is serving its clients in India and across the world as well.

Besides website development and mobile app development, it also provides a high-quality ERP software development company In Surat. This helps many organisations to achieve their desired goal while running their business practice at pace and industrial grade level.

Sridix technology offers a cost-effective and high-quality ERP system. The main approach is client-centric to offer a great level of benefit.

What is an ERP system?

The full form of ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. It consists of all the core processes that help in running the company. Finance, manufacturing, services, supply chain and procurements are the certain parameters of this operation.

We can define ERP as a system that integrates software applications. These apps streamlines, standardize and integrate the business processes across HR, Finance, and other departments. The system runs on an integrated software platform with the use of common data definition operating on a single database.

With the help of an ERP system, companies can manage their integral parts easily. The planning, sales, marketing, finance, human resources and purchasing inventory could be easily integrated with the help of the ERP system.

Core Features of an ERP System:

The main features of an ERP system are as follows

Real-time operations: The process occurs quickly. The errors are found within the second and this gives the seller a good time to correct them. The overall operation is real-time which is highly beneficial.

Enterprise-wide integration: The process is integrated end to end across the business units and departments. This makes the work quick. All the departments are covered under the ERP process.

A common database: Data for every department of a big enterprise can be defined with the common database using the same definition.

Other than that it also includes following the points.

  • Support for Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and e-commerce
  • Support for different nations and different languages.
  • Integration of advanced business processes like machine learning and AI
  • Other software solution integration that includes third party systems

Benefits of Choosing ERP:

Enhance the business: Improve customer service: With easy accessing of the information, fast response time, on-time delivery, and order accuracy the overall customer service gets improved.

Boost cash flow: The automation in invoice and collection bring cash in faster. Faster cash means more cash on hand for the business.

Cloud security and better data: There are dedicated security resources and data distribution across multiple servers. This makes the secured data structure and the working within the company.

Improving business process: The implementation of smart workflow, efficiency gain, automation process and routine tasks are some of the parts that improve business processes.

Supply chain management: ERP helps cut down the production bottlenecks and provide transparency through the business.

Customisation: The ERP solution consists of Artificial Intelligence and IoT i.e. Internet of Things that gives full customisation concept to the user. Customization is one of the great benefits of ERP.

Where ERP is mostly used?

Enterprise Resource Planning is mostly used in the following business niches

Defence and Aerospace

The software can be customised as per the vendor and industrial type. The configuration can be made as per the need.

Why choose Sridix for ERP software development?

Sridix Technology is one of the leading IT companies that offer high-quality end products. Without any compromising with the grades, the company is dedicated to offering a plethora of solutions to satisfy the clients need.

Experienced: The firm is a pool of experienced software developers who hold good experience. Hence, high quality could be expected. We have designed many ERP solutions for different organisations and gained a happy client tag through it.

Robust solution: The solution offered by Sridix is of high industrial grade. The software is robust and thus secured as well which enhances the work. We know the value of security and that’s why we integrate security features into the software.

Easy integration: Our software’s are easily integrated with the current process of the company. The high working CRM helps in tracking the customer complaint, customer support system, incoming requests etc.

Cost-effective solution: Price matters a lot for any client. Every client expects a reasonable solution and fortunately, we offer cost-effective software products. Our end products are at a reasonable price and that fully fill the market needs.

Customized: Our developers produce customized software platforms that help the user to access the software as per need. The ERP solution sates all the needs of the customer and enables freedom to use as per requirement.

Working of ERP Software:

Enterprise Resource Planning uses the centralized database. This simplifies the business workflow while reducing manual labour. There is a dashboard in which a user can look for the real-time data collected from all across the business. This measures profitability and productivity as well.

The application of the ERP system automates the production, accounting, sales quoting like business functions.

For instance, ERP supply chain software receives the customer order and then automatically sends the information to the distribution centre. Multiple departments of the big enterprise could easily share the data and visualize the same. This simplifies the overall structure.

Types of ERP Solutions:

There are mainly three types of ERP development services solutions based on their work. Any company needs to choose the ERP solution as per the size of the company and the requirements.

On-Premise ERP:

This one is a traditional one that gives you full control to manage everything. You can install the ERP software in the data centre of your desired location. However, installation and maintenance is the responsibility of staff.

Cloud ERP:

The software runs on the provider’s cloud computing platform. Here they handle all the maintenance parts. Users can switch from public to private or vice-versa. There is a low upfront cost in it.

Hybrid ERP:

This is a good choice for those companies that want a combination of cloud and on-premise ERP. The ERP application and data will remain in the cloud and some will be on-premise.

Investment in ERP Software:

The average budget of the investment in an ERP project is $7,200. For the mid-sized business, the cost of implementation can be $150,000 and $750,000. The cost of ERP software depends on many factors like the number of users, the type of ERP model required and many more things.

ERP Modules Examples:

Supply Chain Management: SCM has a broad range of activities that includes a plan, execution of the flow of the product from the material and control. There is the optimisation of the flow of material, capital in functions and information.

Online sales: It is also known as eCommerce. With the online sales modules, one can change the price, inventory, catalogue and supply chain. It doesn’t matter whether it is B2B, B2C or C2C, the eCommerce application is available for all sales channels.

Human Resources: It is also known as Human capital management. This platform provides various beneficial tasks such as Payroll and administrations. Career development, recruitment and performance evaluation are some of the other functions which are included.

Difference Between ERP and Another Software System:

The difference between ERP and other software systems is that ERP is not only for one module but for the whole organisation. The entire functioning is provided by the ERP that makes an organisation one complete unit. Other software’s on the other hand are generally available for one module only.

There are the latest analytical tools available in the ERP whereas these are absent in the other software.

Besides the inbuilt functionalities, this software also provides the customisation advantage which is generally absent in other software.

It is a robust application that is quite a long-lasting one. Its core features are super high-quality ones.

Pros and Cons of ERP


  • Business process optimisation
  • Timely and accurate accessing of the reliable information
  • Information sharing between all the components of the organisation
  • Litigation time and cost reduction
  • The security and accessibility is quite improved in the ERP system
  • The company is more competitive in the environment when there is the use of ERP


  • ERP installation is expensive. For small and other big companies it might be not a good choice
  • It doesn’t guarantee total company success.
  • Training is always required for the employees when the ERP system is about to be considered.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning is complex and does not give a simple operation
  • The data migration is slow and takes a lot of time
  • Due to complex working strategy is not a good solution for


The ERP software solution adds fuel to the business no matter whether it is a mid-size or a big enterprise. The automation concept makes the process fast and accurate as well. This all improves the overall operation of the business and gives new wings to the industries. Today businesses are relying more on software that could help in their growth. Connect with the best ERP software development company in Surat.

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