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Lead management system services

Lead management Overview:

Lead management is a systematic process that takes the incoming leads and analyses them for further steps. After that, the lead is converted into new business opportunities. These leads come from different channels. The sales-ready leads are then converted into deals. 

Most of the outsourcing companies are involved in managing leads. However, the traditional method is not a satisfactory one as it could bring out many errors. For this reason, they take the lead management system help. Fortunately, Sridix Technologies offers a high-quality lead management system solution. 

Introducing the company, Sridix Technology is located in Surat India. For the past many years, the company has been in practice and serving clients from different parts of the world. The services offered by the company range in a wide domain. It includes website design & development, digital marketing, mobile app development, home automation and IoT development. 

The company offers the lead management system at a reasonable price. It is highly dedicated to including all the key features that are important for a high-quality end product. 

Key features of our Lead management system:

Lead automation:

Automatically capturing the lead is one of the key features of the Lead management system. With keeping this feature in consideration, the Lead Management Software program is making its presence. 

Lead Scoring:

Not every lead en-up in conversion. So giving rank to the leads as per the value is also a crucial part. This is what is called prioritizing the leads. 

Lead assignment:

Any organization has different departments and there is a need for a specialist to handle each job. This feature leads to simplifying the work process of the company. Using it, you can assign the lead to the right person.

Lead Scoring:

Some leads end in conversion, however; this is not the case for every lead. Some leads are a good chance of conversion into business. Therefore, it is crucial to rank the leads depending on the value it lends to the organization. It becomes easy to prioritize the leads. 

Lead Activities Planning:

To convert leads into sales is based on the planning of your leads. You can plan your follow up calls and visit with this automation software. It is easy to generate activity updates and analyze the automatic sales report. 

Integration with other systems:

It is mandatory to make highly compatible software for the company’s benefit. Likewise, the lead management system should be compatible. Luckily Sridix Technologies takes care of this concept and keeps it in the work strategy. We make lead management software to be compatible with other systems to have a successful conversion of leads into business.

No lead leakage:

It is difficult to generate leads, however; converting these leads into the deal is a further difficult task. So, care should be taken to avoid any leakage of leads. It can give business opportunities loss. Good lead management software focuses on this concept as well. 

Lead report and track as well:

To analyse the quality of the leads there is a need for an accurate report. The automatic software generates accurate sales reports. This gives a clear scenario of the real impact of these leads on the business.

Ability to work offline:

It’s all about leads that are essential to running the business. For this reason, it is necessary to be ready all the time. The offline working facility is necessary for every CRM package. 

Lead management process stages:

The lead management process is based on a systematic approach. All the activities are carried in a step by step process. 


There are so many ways for lead generation. However, in the B2B sector, telephonic conversation is also a source of getting leads. The details should be fed into the tracking system through automation. 


It is a simple step in the lead management process. When the leads are captured and tracked, it is easy to route the details to the relevant sales team. When the faster a lead is contacted by sales, there will be higher the chance of a conversion. 


A qualified lead will inevitably turn into a successful sale. There may be a loss of interest in the leads and changes in the mind regarding product requirements. 

Some of the best practices for lead management:

Use clean lead data:

The data stored in the sales and marketing system is only responsible for the end result of the campaign. Here Garbage in and Garbage out principle is applicable. That means, if there are bad leads in your sales and CRM funnel, then your team will spend excessive efforts on the campaigns. 

Cast a wide net at the top of the funnel:

It is not good to start a lead management process with hot leads. There will be a variety of prospects at different stages in the initial lead database. Focusing only on hot deals could make you lose potential warm leads. 

How does the Lead Management system work?

Lead generation: This is the first step in the lead generation system. In this new leads are acquired. There are so many ways to generate leads. You can choose outbound or inbound marketing techniques.  

Outbound lead generation: In this type of technique, reaching out to leads is mainly focused. Outbound marketing regroups more traditional strategies. It increases brand awareness and analyses the needs of the prospective customers. These campaigns could be plagued by a low return on investment.

Inbound lead generation: The main purpose of inbound marketing is to offer enticing leads to you. All you need to put in time and effort for this approach. You can nurture leads earlier in the sales funnel.  

Using CRM: CRM software is very helpful to sort and keep a track of the leads. It is a good tool for sales teams worldwide. Using CRM, some of the things are done automatically. Hence, it eliminates manual efforts. For instance, when the lead is entered into the CRM, all the basic details are fed automatically. CRM also integrates with your client’s email. Hence you can send and receive emails. Even sending bulk email is also possible with this approach.

Lead tracking: When the leads enter into the system, all the basic information is automatically updated. Some of the data in this form are company name, job title and social media platforms. This cut down the extra efforts of the sales team to enter the details in the manual form. With a proper lead engagement, it is easy for the team to know the interest and buying intentions. You can check every activity relevant to the lead.  

Lead qualification: When a successful lead generation campaign has helped you capture more prospective customers, the next step is to spring into action for your sales team. In this phase, leads are scored on their interest shown in the service. In this way, you make things simple and effective. The sales department also does not have to spend much time on leads. Leads score is updated automatically and this allows you to have deep insight into things. 

Lead nurturing: It is a common expectation that every lead is converted into paying customers. However, reality is different from expectation. Not every lead can be a good business. After you learn to manage to turn your leads into prospects familiar with what solution you are offering. With nurturing, the chances of concluding sales get to rise through nurturing the prospects. Not all leads need to be qualified to deal with. Some of the leads need research and analysis as well.  

You can also send leads relevant content and promotional offers that nudge them and move them into the decision making process. 

Merits of lead management system:

  • Filter your leads
  • Automation
  • Impactful lead nurturing
  • Real-time reporting Team
  • Team coordination
  • Way to choose a Lead management system
  • Value for investment
  • Scalability
  • Customer support availability
  • Ease of the use


Q1. What is lead management?

Answer: The business lead is defined as a person who is interested in your services or the product. The process of capturing those leads is defined as lead management. 

Q2. What is lead management in the CRM?

Answer: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management software that helps in managing relationships with customers. This is done by maintaining a record of their interaction with your company. With lead management, brands could track the entire journey from lead to the customer as it is an integral part of CRM. 

Q3. What is the importance of lead management?

Answer: Through lead management, the company understands which strategies could bring the best leads. With this, they can optimize their sales and marketing campaigns. Also, it helps in understanding the journey of the customer, his pain points and the bottleneck in the existing process.

Q4. What are the main stages in the lead management process?

Answer: The lead management main stages are lead generation, inquiry capture filtering and qualifying leads and opportunity management. The opportunity management involves handling multiple sales opportunities with a single contact.


For any enterprise Lead management system software is the best way to manage all leads. However, before buying it, companies need to contact a reputable company. Fortunately, Sridix Technology is here to assist you. The company is dedicated to offering a one-stop solution to track every lead. Contact us today to state your needs. 

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